A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders

2017 Annual Board Meeting prep


Happy Summer, fellow board members!

We're really looking forward to meeting with everyone in a couple weeks. In preparation for the meeting please review this page and consider the questions at the bottom that we'll be discussing together. See you all soon!

Type Hike's first Annual meeting

When / Sunday, August 6th @ high noon

Where / The Bhive - 4661 Maryland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108 (enter through the door next to Brennan's with a gold B on the glass and go up the humidor staircase )

What / Lunch & Friendship

June - July review

The last two months have been focused on preparing Alphabeast for launch. Here are some of the milestones from the past two months:

  • All Alphabeast designs complete and prepped for launch on 8/30
  • Defenders of Wildlife confirmed as the charitable partner for Alphabeast
  • Jim speaking at TypeCon in Boston in late August
  • Exhibition at the Chicago Design Museum opened mid-June - David spoke on August 1st. 
  • Exhibition at UofL planned for September
  • Exhibition in Austin planned for August
  • Publishers for Alphabeast book contacted
  • Partnership with Topo Designs - currently discussing how we could best collaborate to make something cool
  • Wander in the West exhibited posters all summer-long across the western states
  • Partnership started with Parks Project to do something cool together
  • Potential Partnership with Patagonia - still in the wooing phase
  • David and Nina continue planning for potential biannual publication, Redline
  • New flat shippers for 24x36 prints tested - great but pricey
  • Discontinued sales of individual postcards and automated postcard packs

Mission Statement

To use design to promote, support and preserve our country's natural treasures.

Vision Statement

A world in which people are excited about preserving and enjoying the natural world.


What's next for Type Hike?

How would you define success for Type Hike?

If we were to shift our focus to a different product, what would that be?

Do we continue to publish two series a year? 

What are some ideas for future series?

Where would you want Type Hike to be in 2 years?