A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders

Become a member of the Type Hike Ascender Society now and join us on the hike up the mountain of philanthropic glory.


The word ascender carries multiple meanings. In hiking, it is one who climbs and rises upward - moving toward a goal. In typography an ascender is the part of a lowercase letter the rises above the bulk of the letterform, like the top of a lowercase k or d.  Type Hike is always looking to ascend: to climb on and reach more scenic heights.  


We are looking for a select team of individuals or organizations to partner with on our mission to celebrate and support our country's National Parks. Your tax deductible donation of $1,000 will enable us to print, package, and ship 50 24"x36" screenprinted posters, generating $2,500 towards future projects and donations to the NPF.  


Like any club, the Society comes with a few perks. The first 20 Ascender Society members will have the honor of helping us select the next design to be produced as a 24"x36" screen print.


All members will enjoy the following:

  • A Topo Designs red Trip Pack with accompanying Type Hike patch and Ascender Society mountain patch.

  • A profile on the Ascender Society page of typehike.com

  • Listing in the annual report

  • A personal thank you post on Instagram

  • 24x36 screen print of your choice signed by the designer
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