A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders

Gulf Islands National Seashore

By Jenny Lee


Living 15 minutes from the Gulf, I spent so many afternoons and weekends picking up an iced coffee then heading to the beach. 

That moment when you first see the beach after you past the sand dunes is the best. The salty air, the sound, and the view hit you all at once along with high hopes that you're skin is going to get tanner but not burnt. It's the best. It's the feeling that you are officially at the beach – a vacation if only it is even just a break in your day. 

For this poster, I wanted to capture that view, the touristy welcome signs, and the trademark emerald water. It's hard for a poster to capture all those memories and what it represents to all the vacationing families who go there every year, but here's trying.