A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders


Loggerhead Sea Turtle

By Erik Weikert

It's said that our world rests on the shell of a giant turtle. Calm, composed and confident, if there was to be any animal guiding the direction of our planet, I'm glad it's a turtle.

The Loggerhead in particular is an incredible species. For an animal of such mild temperament and poise, they undertake a migration of thousands of miles across the vast oceans to breed. Watch one swim gently above the ocean bed and you can see their movements are filled with wisdom and self-possession.

While finding inspiration for the poster I imagined myself swimming next to one of these majestic creatures. I could feel the subtle movements of the ocean currents guiding our direction as the seaweed around us swayed back and forth in the waves. The disposition of this marine reptile inspired the mild color palette. The blue is confident, trustworthy, and altruistic while the light pink brings a level of composure and tranquility. Together, they reminded me of a sun setting over the horizon as the Loggerhead swam gently out of sight.