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Summer 2017 Board Report


Happy Summer, fellow board members!

This report is a quick update on the past two months and a look ahead to our first annual meeting in August. We'll send out another reminder in July to make sure everyone is able to attend - both attendance and enjoyment are mandatory. :|

Type Hike's first Annual meeting

When / Sunday, August 6th @ high noon

Where / The Bhive - 4661 Maryland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108 (enter via the humidor staircase next to Brennan's)

What / Lunch & Friendship

Please email David if you have any food allergies, preferences, or annoying dislikes.

April - May Review

The past two months have been focused on launching Shores and kicking off Alphabeast. 

Here are some of the milestones from the past two months:

  • Shores launched May 1
  • Alphabeast designers selected and design phase begun.
  • Third generation 12x18 poster shippers implemented, reducing returns-due-to-damage to near zero
  • Exhibitions at Poler Laguna & The Southern Gallery in Charleston.
  • Posters features in displays in 93 REI stores nationwide.
  • Sales campaign with Touch of Modern completed with moderate results.
  • First campaign with Huckberry completed with great results.
  • Printed three more 24x36 posters from NPS 100 and Shores: Mammoth Cave, Hawaii Volcanoes, Canaveral
  • 9 designs from NPS 100 created by St. Louis designers included in the St. Louis AIGA show.

June - July Preview

The next two months will be focused on preparing Alphabeast for launch. Here is a look at some of the upcoming projects during this two month period:

  • Exhibition planned at the Chicago Design Museum in June-September, UofL and Austin in August
  • Jim speaking at TypeCon in August
  • Partnership begun with Defenders of Wildlife as the charitable partner for Alphabeast
  • Partnership with Topo Designs - currently discussing how we could best collaborate to make something cool
  • Partnership with Wander in the West for a summer-long exhibition/market that will rove all of the western states over the summer
  • Partnership started with Parks Project to do something cool together
  • Potential Partnership with Patagonia - still in the wooing phase
  • Trademarking Type Hike name and logo
  • David and Nina continue planning for potential biannual publication, Redline
  • Testing new flat shippers for 24x36 prints
  • Switching postcards from individual sales to packs only

We can't wait to get together with everyone!