A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders

Topo Designs X Type Hike

A Series of Four Patches Celebrating the Cities Topo Designs Calls Home



By Mollie Starr

Nestled in the valley of the mountains, Boulder has a reputation for fueling counterculture and accepting the weird. Visitors and residents alike recognize the unique spirit of the city, a destination unlike most. From its strange laws about pets and couches to its foundation in hippie culture it's no wonder people call this place "The People's Republic of Boulder". This city patch is meant to evoke the pride of knowing the Boulder spirit and being a part of the weird.



By Kevin Kroneberger

I was born and raised in Fort Collins, and there aren't many places quite like this. You really have the best of all worlds in a town like Fort Collins. You’re a stone's throw away from the best skiing in the country, great running and biking trails right in your backyard, a historic downtown, salt of the earth people, great college town, great breweries, and so much more. This patch represents the laid back, outdoorsy nature of Fort Collins while giving off a timeless yet throwback vibe.



By Sophia Del Plato

I first visited San Francisco about a year before relocating to the area. The very first thing that struck me about The City was its steep hills, and how the buildings and houses interact with that landscape. It seems like the most unlikely terrain for a large city, but the result is a beautiful example of urban and natural environments melding together. Coupled with the ethereal resident fog and the neighboring bay (with wild sea lions!), San Francisco feels like a whimsical, fictional place.



By Andrew Hoffman

I was born in Denver and grew up in Bailey, a small mountain town located about 45 minutes outside of the city. My patch celebrates the proximity of Denver to Colorado's amazing outdoors, a proximity that I grew up in. Sans Texas, Denver is the biggest urban and cultural hub between the Mississippi and the west coast. It's incredible that this major city is only minutes away from some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the world. The patch has elements of the outdoors as well as the city's culture (Red Rocks, the Denver Art Museum, the park system etc.). Denver gets 300+ days of sunshine a year so the sun is also a focal point in the patch. I also created a custom typeface that is inspired by Topo's design aesthetic.