A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders

Series 2 Waypoint


"There is pleasure in the pathless woods,
there is rapture in the lonely shore,
there is society where none intrudes,
by the deep sea, and music in its roar;
I love not Man the less, but Nature more."

Lord Byron


Congratulations! You've been selected to participate in Type Hike's second series: SHORES. Welcome to the Waypoint.

The following is the final list of sites and designers:

Assateague Island NS  /  John Malinoski
Big Cypress NP  /  Stephen Rockwood
Canaveral NS  /  Chaz Russo
Cape Cod NS/  Eric Friedensohn
Cape Hatteras NS  /  Will Dove
Gateway NRA  /  Leah Schmidt
Golden Gate NRA  /  Wesley Bird
Gulf Islands NS  /  Jenny Lee
Indiana Dunes NL  /  Kira Crugnale
Lake Mead NRA  /  Bryce Reyes
Muir Woods NM  /  Gail Anderson
Padre Island NS  /  John Coleman
Pictured Rocks NL  /  Zac Jacobson
Point Reyes NS  /  Lake Buckley
Santa Monica Mountains NRA  /  Diana Corredin
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL  /  Aaron Draplin

Project details

The purpose of this project is to use our collective talent to celebrate nature through typography. Each designer will create a type-based design that expresses their unique viewpoint and love for the outdoors. 

COLOR / Each design can include up to three colors chosen from the palette below. Limiting the color choices will create visual continuity across all designs and simplify print production. 

SIZE / Designs will be built at 24" x 36" at 300 ppi (or 7200px x 10800 px in robot numbers) in either portrait or landscape orientation.  

USE / The full set of designs will be exhibited on typehike.com and shared on Instagram. Postcards and posters will be printed for each design and sold in the online shop and by select retailers. Apparel for a selection of the designs will also be printed through a partnership with Cotton Bureau. Exhibitions are being planned for various galleries, museums, and universities across the country.

CONSIDERATIONS / While we want to keep the design guidelines as open as possible to allow creativity to thrive, we learned some lessons from the first series that are worth sharing:

  • If all goes well, the full set of 16 designs will be screen printed as 24x36 posters and on apparel - keep the limitations of screen printing in mind while designing. Blend modes, such as multiply, will create color interactions that are not reproducible  with screen printing. 
  • Designs that are "self-contained" and do not rely heavily on the edges of the canvas are easier to print on shirts. 
  • Thin frames around the edge of the design are difficult to reproduce accurately across the three printed sizes. If seeing a print of your design with slightly uneven border thicknesses is going to churn your stomach, avoid dancing on the edge.
  • Please do not use any NPS owned logos, images, or shapes in your designs - we are not licensed to reproduce their trademarked material.

We respect that you are not be participating in this project for financial gain, so credits will always be shown with the designs.


2/10 - Designers Selected
The group of designers selected for this series will be announced.

3/20 - Final Designs Completed
All designs must be completed by March 20th in order to prepare prints for the launch. When your design is complete, please email a jpeg or pdf and the original file to letsgo@typehike.com.

5/1 - Series Launch
The designs will be published and will be available for sale until 12/11/17.

Design Info

Please provide any of the following information that you haven't already supplied or has changed since your application. We will be including your statement about the park on your design's page and are happy to work with you to make the words perfect, or you can send us a finished version. This info will be an important reflection on you, your work, and the project as a whole, so be honest, authentic, and a damn poet.

Contact Info
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Work Samples
Site Info
Please select the park you have selected.

Thank you SO MUCH for lending your talent to this important cause. You are special and wonderful.