A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders


Topo Designs + Type Hike

Type Hike will be partnering with Topo designs to create a series of four patches that will be included on a set of limited edition bags celebrating the four cities where Topo's stores are located. Each patch will be the centerpiece of a collage of patches created by local designers and artists. As one of Type Hike's selected designers you will receive one of the decked-out packs from your city and three of the patches you create.

Project details 

ELEMENTS / Each patch must contain three things: the city name, state abbreviation and Topo Designs map logo. The focus of each patch should be the city name, with the state letters as a secondary detail:

- Fort Collins, CO
- Boulder, CO
- Denver, CO
- San Francisco, CA

The Topo Designs map logo can be downloaded by the link below. It is scaled to the correct size of the 4x4 artboard.

In addition to these three details the patch can include anything you like that honors the city and it's natural surroundings. Topo Designs uniquely bridges the space between urban and natural environments - could be an interesting concept to explore.


COLOR / Each design can include up to eight colors chosen from the palette below, but we would encourage you to consider limiting your design to less than 4 colors to maintain a simple aesthetic across the series.  

SIZE / The patch can be and shape you like as long as it fits within a roughly 4" x 4" area.

USE / These patches will be included on the packs and will be sold individually in stores and online by Topo and Type Hike. They will be promoted via social media and shown on Type hike website until the end of time.

CONSIDERATIONS / While we want to keep the design guidelines as open as possible to allow creativity to thrive, Topo has shared some lessons from past experience that are worth sharing:

  • Type should not be smaller than .25" high unless it's intended to be unreadable.
  • Flat color is recommended - gradients are difficult to reproduce with embroidery.
  • Please do not use any trademarked logos, images, or shapes in your designs - we are not licensed to reproduce any trademarked material.


9/7 - Designers Selected
The four designers participating in  this series will be selected.

9/20 - Final Designs Completed
All designs must be completed by September 20th. When your design is complete, please email the original vector file to letsgo@typehike.com.

11/1 - Launch
The designs will be published, printed and available for sale until they're gone for good.

Thank you SO MUCH for lending your talent to this important cause. You are special and wonderful.