A typographic exploration of the Univers's natural wonders


An English Alphabet of Endangered Animals.


About This Series


Type Hike was created at the intersection of two loves: typography and nature. An adventurous spirit wanders through mountain valleys and explores serifs in search of something unseen. One of the greatest privileges of an adventurer is to share the outdoors with the animals who call it home. This series pays tribute to the great beasts of our nation who are painfully close to extinction. We call them by name, merging the strengths of their species with the power of typography. Our goal is to help protect these beasts because words alone will not be enough.

The following are 26 endangered beasts located across the United States and the designers who love them:

A - American Crocodile  /  Joseph Alessio
B - Black-Footed Ferret  /  Jacob Etter
C - California Condor  /  Steve Wolf
D - Desert Tortoise  /  Alyssa and Brian Wood
E - Everglade Snail Kite  /  Ben Stafford
F - Florida Panther  /  Kara Gordon
G - Grizzly Bear  /  Caleb Morris
H - Hawaiian Yellow-faced Bee  /  Caitlin McClure
I - Ivory-billed Woodpecker  /  Steve Shanabruch
J - Jaguar  /  Jonathan Violassi
K - Kauaʻi ʻakialoa  /  Simon Walker
L - Loggerhead Sea Turtle  /  Erik Weikert
M - Manatee  /  Joshua Emrich
N - New Mexican Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake  /  Andrew Hochradel
O - O'ahu Tree Snails  /  Delaney Jeter
P - Pacific Pocket Mouse  /  Matt Reuter
Q - Quino Checkerspot Butterfly  /  Lauren Osoba
R - Red Wolf  /  Titus Smith
S - Steller Sea Lion  /  Bekah Malover
T - Texas Blind Salamander  /  Alex Lahr
U - Utah Prairie Dog  /  Scott Fuller
V - Virginia Big-Eared Bat  /  Daniel Clark
W - Woodland Caribou  /  Vincent Conti
X - Xyrauchen Texanus (Razorback Sucker)  /  Christopher Baker
Y - Yellow-Blotched Map Turtle  /  Leah Strickman
Z - Zayante Band-Winged Grasshopper  /  Chris Sim

100% of profits from this series will be donated to our charitable partner Defenders of Wildlife.

Founded in 1947, Defenders of Wildlife is a major national conservation organization focused solely on wildlife and habitat conservation and the safeguarding of biodiversity. Defenders’ approach is direct and straightforward - we protect and restore imperiled species throughout North America by transforming policies and institutions and promoting innovative solutions – and this approach makes a lasting difference for wildlife and its habitat on the ground, with policy makers and in the courts.